I am a mixed media artist with a grand imagination. My artwork is textural and atmospheric with a feeling of nostalgia. I wish to bring the viewer into magical worlds where they may feel that sense of nostalgia; a memory of something familiar from childhood, a feeling I believe we are all unconsciously searching for in adulthood. 


My home is in scenic Nova Scotia, very close to the famed Peggy’s Cove where I reside in a 150 year old house with my husband and two young children. The landscape surrounds us with old homes and buildings by the sea, bright starry full moon nights, ocean air and lush greenery. My imagined worlds are deeply inspired by my surroundings and the worlds I visit through my children’s imaginations. 


My painting takes place in a small home studio that doubles as my children’s playroom, after they’ve sailed off to dream land. In my work you will see reoccurring houses and moons. The concept of home has always been deeply rooted within me and I use the imagery of houses to symbolize belonging and connection. 


It brings me such joy to create art and fulfills me to my brim to share it with you. Thank you for being here along this journey with me.